Business Hazardous Waste

Scott County accepts business hazardous waste by appointment only. 

For small business fluorescent bulb disposal, the HHW has on a collection specifically for businesses on the first Tuesday of the month. For more info, visit the Small Business Fluorescent Bulb collection page.

Does your business generate hazardous waste? If so, you may need to be licensed as a hazardous waste generator in Scott County. Contact our office at 952-496-8477 for more information!

Small Business Solutions
Is your small business looking for an easy, convenient, and affordable way to dispose of small amounts of hazardous waste? Our easy 3-step process can provide a simple solution for you through our VSQG Small Business Hazardous Waste Management program.

Training & Development
Are you wondering where can you find the necessary information and training for you and your employees? What resources and tools are available for your company? For the answers to these and many other questions, please visit the links to the left, or call our office at 952-496-8477. We can help your company comply with the myriad of laws and regulations that address hazardous waste!
Corrosive Hazard Sign
Dangerous Hazard Sign
Spontaneously Combustible Hazard Sign
Flammable Hazard Sign