Truancy Information for Schools

The Diversion Process

This process begins with the initial efforts between among the student, family, and the school. Formal responses and interventions geared towards engaging students and families on the importance of school attendance have a higher rate of changing the behavior.  (See Diversion Process in the forms section.) 

Referral to Scott County

If the school has followed the diversion process but has been unsuccessful, they may refer the case to the Scott County Attorney’s Office by submitting the Offense Report (forms section). The referral will be screened for necessary documentation and, if approved. will forward it to the appropriate Truancy Worker.

Interventions by Truancy Worker

The Truancy Worker will offer the student/family an opportunity to participate voluntarily in the Scott County’s Truancy Diversion. If the student/family declines, the case may be referred for court intervention by the County Attorney’s Office.

 The Truancy Worker may:

  • Develop a diversion agreement based on the strengths and needs of the student/family.
  • Assist with referrals for appropriate assessments/services/supports.
  • Monitor school attendance.
  • Coordinate with school staff regarding ongoing attendance concerns or progress.
  • Meet with the student/family at least once per month while attendance concerns exist.
  • Discuss alternative education or treatment options that might address specific needs of the student/family.
  • Refer to the Truancy Diversion Team to screen for possible court intervention as needed.

Printable Truancy Forms

Online Truancy Forms