Law Library Board


Minnesota Statutes Chapter 134A provides for the establishment of county law libraries. It also states that "use of the library shall be free to the judges of the state, state officials, judges of the district, municipal, county, and conciliation courts of the county, city and county officials, members of the bar, and inhabitants of the county." Governance: Chapter 134A authorizes the creation of a law library board of trustees.

The purpose of the Scott County Law Library's Board of Trustees is to govern and maintain the operation of the Scott County Law Library and to promote the best use of the law library resources for judges, officials, members of the bar and inhabitants of the county.


The meetings of the Scott County Law Library Board are determined and scheduled by the Board of Trustees and are open to the public. Please call the Law Library (952-496-8713) for the next meeting date and location.


The Scott County Law Library is administered by a three-member Board of Directors. 

  • The Honorable Colleen G. King
  • Scott County Commissioner Barbara Weckman Brekke
  • Assistant Scott County Attorney Jody Kieser Kisting


Board minutes from 1990-present are on file in the Law Library.