Annual PREA Report

Summary of complaints for January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

Inmate on Inmate complaints             Sexual Abuse              Sexual Harassment
​Unfounded Allegations:                                         0                                        1
​Unsubstantiated Allegations:                                0                                        1
​Substantiated Allegations:                                     0                                        2
​Investigation Ongoing                                             0                                       0
​Total Incidents Reported:                                       0                                        4                 

Staff on Inmate complaints                   Sexual Abuse                  Sexual Harassment
​Unfounded Allegations:                                         0                                          0
​Unsubstantiated Allegations:                                1                                          0
​Substantiated Allegations:                                     1                                          0
​Investigations Ongoing                                           2                                          0
​Total Incidents Reported:                                       4                                          0                  


Substantiated Allegation: An allegation that was investigated and determined to have occurred.

Unsubstantiated Allegation: An allegation that was investigated and the investigation produced insufficient evidence to make a final determination as to whether or not the event occurred.

Unfounded Allegation: An allegation that was investigated and determined not to have occurred.

Investigation Ongoing: If a final determination has not been made at the time of data collection, Jail staff may not find out the outcome of an ongoing investigation.

​ In accordance with PREA standard 115.72, during administrative investigations, the Scott County Jail imposes a standard of a preponderance of the evidence of proof when determining whether allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment are substantiated.