Pay Charges & Fees

What does Scott County Library charge for? 

  • Daily Overdue Late Fines - No More! As March 1, 2022, Scott County Library no longer charges daily late fines for overdue materials. Customers are still responsible for late fines and balances incurred before 2022.
  • Replacement Costs: Customers are responsible for the replacement costs of unreturned or lost items. An item is considered unreturned 21 days after its due date. 
  • Printing & Copying: At this time, we are not charging for prints and copies. 

What can I use if my account is blocked?

Customers with more than $25 in charges on their account are limited to only using in-library services (programs, computers, WiFi, meeting rooms) and borrowing from the eLibrary. An item is considered unreturned 21 days after its due date. 

Payment Options

Library fees can be paid in person with cash or check, or online with a credit card: 

  • Cash or Check: Please visit your SCL location to pay in person with cash or check.  
  • Credit or Debit Card (Online Only): We offer a convenient, secure online option to process credit and debit card transactions through our Catalog & My Account site. Click the "My Account" button and use your library card and PIN to sign in. 

For security reasons, credit card payments can only be taken online. To protect your privacy, credit card payment are not accepted over the phone and library staff are not allowed to enter credit card information. 

What to Know about Paying Online

You have the option to pay library charges of $1.00 or more online with your credit or debit card. 

  • Partial Payments Accepted: You can pay in full or partial payments, but payment must be at least $1.00. Payments will be applied to the oldest charges first. You can’t pay more than you owe. 
  • No Convenience Fees: You will not be charged any additional fees for paying with your credit card. 
  • Secure Transactions: To protect your information, we use a separate website with an encryption certificate. Your credit card information is not stored on Library servers.
  • Payments made through our Catalog & My Account page will appear as "PP*Scott County Library 952-4968010 MN" on your statement.