About PREA

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) is a federal law passed in 2003 to guide correctional institutions about detecting, preventing, and reducing sexual abuse/misconduct in confinement settings.  While the law specifically pertains to confinement facilities, the Scott County Juvenile Alternative Facility (JAF) is embracing the culture of PREA throughout our department with the goal of keeping our staff and clients safe.

Learn more: PREA Juvenile Facility Standards

Our Policy

Scott County Juvenile Alternative Facility (JAF) has a zero-tolerance policy for incidents of sexual behavior, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct of resident-on-resident or staff-on-resident. Staff includes: employee, volunteer, official visitor, or contract staff. Read our PREA Requirements Policy (PDF) for more information

Make a Report

All residents are educated on how to report such acts while at the JAF. If you or someone you know has been victimized, or may be at risk of being a victim, report it immediately. All reports are taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated.  False reports will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A person who becomes aware of, suspects, or otherwise has knowledge of any sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, sexual harassment or retaliation at the JAF or at any other juvenile facility must immediately report the information in any of the following ways.

To make a report:

  • Tell a Juvenile Alternative Facility staff member
  • Call PREA Hotline at 952-496-8934
  • Email the PREA Hotline at
  • Call the Sexual Violence Center at 952-496-5425

Scott County investigates all reports of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. Where necessary, reports are referred to the Scott County Sheriff's Office for criminal investigation.

Annual Reports

We investigate each incident of alleged or reported sexual harassment, abuse or sexual assault/rape to the fullest extent possible in cooperation with the State.  In compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), the Scott County Community Corrections Juvenile Alternative Facility is required to post the number of substantiated, unsubstantiated and unfounded incidents that have occurred at our facilities.

PREA Audit Compliance Report 12.30.19 (PDF)

The Scott County Juvenile Facility had the following incidents reported:

Allegations of Non-Consensual Sexual Act                          2018  2019      2020  2021
Substantiated         0     0              0     0
Unsubstantiated         0     0              0     0
Unfounded         0     0              0     0
Allegations of Sexual Misconduct                                            2018 2019       2020 2021
Substantiated       0    0              1
Unsubstantiated       0    1              1
Unfounded       1    2              0
Allegations of Sexual  Harassment                                             2018  2019       2020 2021
Substantiated       0      0            0
Unsubstantiated       0      1            0
Unfounded       1      0            0
Allegations Against Staff                                                         2018 2019     2020 2021
Substantiated       0    0            0
Unsubstantiated       0    0            0
Unfounded       0    0            1