Bass Ponds EAW

Bass Ponds EAW

US Army Corps of Engineers Bass Ponds, Marsh and Wetland Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project

Proposed project overview:  The US Army Corps of Engineers is proposing to improve habitat within the Wilkie Unit of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.  The Refuge is located in northern Shakopee and Savage city limits.  The area experiences a lack of seasonal variability in water levels which has resulted in reduced wetland habitat quality, aquatic plant diversity, and quality habitat for migratory waterbirds.  Water level management features (stoplog structures, earthen plugs) are proposed to improve habitat.

Proposed project status:  On June 18th, 2019, at the regular County Board Meeting the Scott County Board of Commissioners declared that the EAW is adequate and an EIS is not needed. Scott County Environmental Services has reviewed the comments received for the Bass Ponds EAW and have found no significant environmental effects that warrant further study.

Notification: To be notified of updates to this project, email David Guenther at to be added to the notification list.

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