Extended Access

What is Extended Access?

Looking for more opportunities to use the library for studying, work, or play? Extended Access is for you! Signing up for Extended Access provides you self service access to designated library locations from 6:00am - 10:00pm every day, including holidays. This exciting card benefit adds more time on top of normal staffed hours to use the library when it works best for your schedule. 

Where It's Available

At this time, Extended Access is only available at the Jordan Library and the Elko New Market Library, but will expand to other Scott County Libraries in the future. Extended Access members may use their library card to unlock any EA-equipped location. 

  1. How It Works

Customers scan their library card number and enter their PIN at an entry panel to unlock the library. Once inside, they can use in-library resources and self service equipment such as the self checkout machines, computers, printers, copiers, and study rooms. 

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