Computers & Printing

Use a Computer

  • What We Offer: We offer internet-connected Windows PCs in every library equipped with most Microsoft Office tools. We do not offer Apple Macs in any locations.  
  • Reservations: You may call your library to check computer availability. Staff can reserve a computer for you up to a week in advance if you provide your library card number. Advance reservations are unavailable for guest passes. 
  • Availability: If all computers are occupied, you can make a reservation at the kiosk and the next available computer will be held for you. Express Stations are also available for quick 15-minute transactions. 
  • Security & Privacy: We offer a secure experience to all guests who use our public computers. Computer activity, including browser history, is automatically erased between user sessions. See our Computer and Internet Use Policy (PDF) for more information. 
  • Extended Access: Need to use a computer more often? Dead laptop surprise? Signing up for Extended Access allows you to unlock some Scott County Libraries from 6am - 10pm any day and use library tech whenever you need it most. Visit your library and speak with staff to add Extended Access privileges to your library card. 


  • To print, you may visit any location and print your item from a public PC. We don't currently offer wireless printing.
  • Costs: Color prints cost 50 cents per page side, black and white prints cost 10 cents per page side.  


  • Self-service copiers can be found in all locations. 
  • Costs: Color copies cost 50 centers per page side, black and white copies cost 10 cents per page side. 


  • Free flatbed Epson scanners are available in all locations. You may also use a copier for rapid scanning to a flash drive. 
  • We recommend bringing a flash drive if you plan to scan multi-page documents or high-quality images, as scanned files are sometimes too large to email. Please note we no longer sell flash drives as of January 2020, so we are unable to provide one for you.


  • Free public guest Wi-Fi is available in all locations.