Child Foster Care

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Foster care providers are a vital part of a child's path to healing.  
Children who are in transition from one home to another setting depend on many people.   

They depend on... 
Their parents
Who are responsible for visiting their children and correcting conditions that led to their removal. 

Police officers and court officials
Who may remove children from their homes and place them in foster care.

County case managers
Who provide services to the children in foster care and their families.

Foster parents and other providers

Who are responsible for protecting, nurturing, and caring for the children placed with them.

As a child foster care provider, you will be part of a team supporting the child placed in your home.  Included in the team are:
  • The Licensing Worker who helps you through the licensing process and is available for ongoing support and consultation.
  • The Child Protection Worker or Case Manager who works with the child and the biological family and creates the plan for the child to either be reunified with the parents or for another permanency option.
  • The Guardian Ad Litem who represents what is in the best interest of the child back to the court.
  • Other agency and community professionals working with the child and family.