Emergency Permit to Carry

Permit may be issued if the Sheriff determines that the applicant is in an emergency situation that may constitute an immediate risk to the safety of the applicant or to someone residing in the applicant's household. An Emergency Permit is only valid for 30 days. There is no fee required for an emergency permit. An Emergency Permit can be revoked without a hearing. 

  • Submit an affidavit describing the emergency situation.
  • Submit a completed Minnesota Uniform Firearm Application Permit in person.
  • Provide one of the following for residency requirement:
    • A valid, current Minnesota driver's license with current address
    • A valid temporary paper license from Driver and Vehicle Services
    • A passport along with one of the following residency documents with your name and current address dated from the last 30 days:
      • Water bill
      • Gas bill
      • Garbage/trash bill
      • Electric bill
      • Cable bill (streaming services not applicable)
      • Property tax statement
      • Utility hookup statement
      • Employee pay stub
      • Unemployment pay stub.
  • An applicant who is otherwise ineligible for a permit due to a criminal conviction, but who has obtained a pardon or expungement setting aside the conviction, sealing the conviction, or otherwise restoring applicable rights, must submit a copy of the relevant order.