Registration Information

You must have a Registration Form (pdf) on file with Scott County Community Services to apply for the following permits. Registration is required annually. The Registration fee can be added to the first permit application submitted for the year if previously registered. A Registration Form can be filed at the same time as filing an application.

Scott County’s Ordinance No. 22, Management of the Public Right of Way requires:
  • Fees where applicable, prior to issuing permits.
  • A permit for any work within the County Right of Way.
  • A permit before constructing an approach or access connection, such as a driveway, street, or field entrance, to the County highway system.
  • A permit before installation of any utilities within the County Highway Right of Way.
  • Approval by the County Engineer for special activities impacting County roadways. Requests must be made in writing to the County Engineer.
  • A permit to allow low-maintenance landscape plantings on County Highway Right of Way. Permittees will be responsible for maintenance.