Disability Parking Certificates (Renew or First Time)

You will need to:

Fill out the Disability Parking Certificate Application

Have your Doctor fill out the bottom of the application

If you are renewing a permanent disability parking certificate your renewal postcard or application will work. (no Doctor signature is required.)

Drop it off in our drop box


•  New or replacement temporary and short-term certificate: $5

•  Organization certificate (valid for 3 years): $5

•  Long-term (13 months to 71 months): no fee

•  Permanent (valid for six years): no fee

Payment Options

• Check or Money Order

• Check will be made out to Scott County 

• Include your driver’s license number and phone number on the check

• Credit/Debit Card by phone (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)

• Card must be in registered owner’s name 

• Additional 2.49% service fee is applied at time of sale