E&T Youth Programs

About the Program

The Youth Program provides experience and academic enrichment activities. Participants have services available to assist them in areas such as developing work maturity skills, writing a resume and learning how to interview for a job, problem solving skills and counseling and support services.

Due to changes in federal law and funding reductions; we regret that we are unable to serve younger youth. Moving forward the youth programs will focus on youth and young adults 14 to 24 years of age. View our Priority of Service Guide (PDF) for the Scott County Youth Programs.

Year Round

Priority of service is given to youth 14 to 24 years old in the Year Round Activities.  These programs may involve short term training, limited internship/work experience and support services.


The Scott County Summer Youth Program focuses on low income 14 to 24 year old youth. During the summer, basic academic skills can be improved while earning school credit with the YouthBuild Program. The Summer Program offers community service jobs in which the youth can get work-based knowledge while earning a paycheck.

Traitify Personality Assessment

Traitify is a visual personality assessment tool that recommends careers, jobs and education based on personality and preference data.  Users swipe through a short series of images, answering "Me" or "Not Me" to generate individualized results in about 90 seconds. It will then provide a breakdown of how you stack up against Traitify's seven core personality types. Through this program you can learn... 

  • Information about the kinds of people and work environments that help you thrive.
  • Potential work-related strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personalized recommendations for careers aligned specifically with your unique set of traits.
  • Essential details about each career recommendation - what level of education you need, what to expect in terms of salary, potential job growth and more.
It's accurate, fast, fun and easy to take. The assessment is accessible on any mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. Visit the Traitify website to get started.

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