Right-of-way is a general term denoting ownership or interests in land or property, which is usually a linear corridor or a strip of land associated with transportation related uses and purposes. Right-of-way may refer to linear corridors such as highways, roadways, pipelines, electrical lines, utility lines, waterways, railroads, etc.

Right-of-way may be held by fee title or by easement. An easement is an interest or right on a property for specific purpose(s) which is an encumbrance on a property. Several types of easements may be associated with right-of-way. Right-of-way may be transferred through conveyance, grant, prescriptive use by statute, dedication, donation, or by condemnation under the rights of eminent domain.

Public right-of-way is for the accommodation and movement of traffic, transit, pedestrians, utilities, drainage and other public and quasi-public uses for transportation related public uses and purposes for the public welfare and safety. Public right-of-way provides benefits to the public such as transportation and mobility of people, products, commerce, water supply, wastewater treatment systems, utility services, energy, and communication systems.
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