Small Business Disposal Fees

Pricing Information

All prices are subject to change. If you don’t see one of your wastes on this list, please call for a price at 952-496-8477.

Business Waste Price List

Type of Waste
Fluorescents - 4 feet and under, straight
$0.25 each
Fluorescents - Over 4 feet, straight
$0.50 each
Compact Fluorescent (CFL)
$0.50 each
Fluorescents - HID
$1.25 each
Fluorescents - U-bent and circular
$0.50 each
LED Bulbs$.50 each
Projector Lamps $1.00 each
Fluorescents - Shatter-shield
$1.25 each
 Neon Lamps$6.50/pound
 UV Lamps$2.25 each
Broken Fluorescents
Lead Acid Batteries
Alkaline Batteries
Button Batteries
Lithium-Ion Batteries
Lithium Metal Batteries$7.50/pound
Damaged Lithium Batteries$35.00/pound
Ni-Cad Batteries
Wet Ni-Cad Batteries$2.25/pound
Ni-MH Batteries
Electronic Waste $0.30/pound
TVs (Only picture tube/no components)$30.00
Appliances (Limit of 20) $10 each
Commercial Appliances$2/cu. ft.
 Ammonia AppliancesCall for Pricing
Mercury Thermostats (intact and Ampule/Vial not broken)
Mercury Ampule/Vial (intact) From Disassembled Thermostats
Mercury Debris (from Ampule/Vial/Thermometer that was broken)
Motor Oil
Oil Filters
$0.50 each
Non-PCB Ballasts
*Carburetor Cleaner
*Cleaning Agents$1.40/pound
Compressed gas cylinders (most)
$7.25 each
*Gasoline, Flammables, Solvents, and Thinners
Oil Filters
$0.50 each
Oily Rags/Sorbents
Latex Paint
*Oil-Based Paint
*Paint stripper
Propane Cylinders
$1.45 - 1#
$7.25 2-100#
*Solvent Rags
Thermostat (whole)- Mercury
Thermostat- Mercury
*Miscellaneous Chemicals


  • *These wastes require shipping papers for transport.  Once we receive your application, we will contact to you prior to your appointment and provide you with the appropriate shipping papers.
  • Technical Assistance Fee - $60 per hour. Note: there is usually no Assistance Fee, since there is no charge if less than 30 minutes.  For the purpose of fee estimation, 1 gallon of liquid weighs approximately 10 pounds.
  • Special items or sizes can carry an additional charge, call Scott County Environmental Health for more information.
  • Scott County reserves the right to refuse any load based on size of load and types of materials.