VSQG - Small Business Hazardous Waste Management

Disposal Process

Would your small business like to find an easy, convenient, and affordable way to properly dispose of your hazardous waste? Simply follow our easy 4-step process:

  1. Does your business or organization generate less than 220 pounds (22 gallons) of hazardous waste per month? If so, you qualify as a VSQG (very small quantity generator), which means you can bring your materials to the Scott County VSQG Program for affordable management and disposal!
  2. Identify and quantify your wastes - simply download and complete the VSQG Application Form (PDF) and gather any Safety Data Sheets (SDS) if they are available.  See the Small Business Disposal Fees list to see the types of waste we accept and their cost. 
  3. Schedule date and time on the link above.  Business appointments will be available on the first Tuesday of each month (except on holidays).  The appointment system will require you to upload your completed VSQG Application Form and any available SDS sheets in PDF format.
  4. Depending on the wastes you are transporting, shipping papers may be required.  Once we receive your application and SDS sheets, we will review the wastes and contact you if shipping papers are required.  We will prepare the shipping papers for you and send them to you prior to your appointment. The Scott County HHW Facility (where you will bring your waste) is located at:
Scott County VSQG Collection Program
588 Country Trail East (Highway 282)
Jordan, MN  55352

There is no need for you to struggle with confusing regulatory compliance, or safe and proper management of your hazardous business wastes by yourself, because we are here to help. 

Please note that depending on the type of hazardous wastes your business or organization wishes to dispose of, you will be required to have or applied for a HW ID# and be licensed as a HW generator in Scott County.