Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Regulation involves inspection and code enforcement of licensed solid waste facilities and licensed waste haulers, and the investigation of illegal dumping.

Solid Waste Planning

Solid waste planning, and the implementation of alternatives to landfill burial, was established by Minnesota's Waste Management Act and related legislation. This service is funded by grants from the State of Minnesota.


Waste management activities are County-wide, and include programs such as recycling, household hazardous waste (HHW) management, yard waste management, waste processing, waste reduction, problem waste management, and public education. These programs are coordinated with the State of Minnesota, municipalities, townships, and Scott County's Solid Waste Advisory Committee.


In Scott County, solid waste regulations are:

More Information

For more information on Solid Waste Management in the Twin Cities Metro Area, visit the MPCA Metropolitan Solid Waste Management Policy Plan website

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