Tactical & Burn Tower

About the Tower

The SCALE facility tactical tower serves many uses for Fire, Law Enforcement and Public Works departments. We currently have propane fired Kidde burners on floors one and two. Floor one simulates a warehouse open area fire or basement fire when the room is entered from the upper floor. The second floor burner has a kitchen fire simulator along with a flash-over effect which provides the utmost realism compared to actual fire fighting.

The unique maze system on all four floors can be positioned in any of hundreds of layouts to suit your training needs. A fully operational stand-pipe and sprinkler system allows pump operators the ability to charge the system and flow water. Law Enforcement has the ability to use the “breach” or patio door systems to practice a variety of building entries along with searches.

Tactical Burn Tower
Inside the Tactical Burn Tower
Ladder Truck at the Tactical Burn Tower