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2018 Citizens' Academy Questionnaire

  1. Thank you for attending the 2018 Citizens Academy! This survey will allow us to see what worked and what didn’t. In general, you will be asked about each of the 6 sessions of the academy. Please be honest with your opinions and provide as much detail as you can in the comment sections.

  2. SESSION 1

  3. Did you enjoy meeting the Sheriff?

  4. Was the information on Crisis Intervention and implicit Bias beneficial to you?

  5. Did the information on Community Engagement benefit you?

  6. Did you enjoy the Jail brief and Tour?

  7. SESSION 2

  8. Was the Investigations brief informative and beneficial to you?

  9. Could have the Investigations brief been shorter with time allocated to another section?

  10. Was the South West Metro Drug Task Force brief informative?

  11. SESSION 3

  12. Most have reported that the information contained in Emergency Operations and the Dispatch Center was valid material that could have used more time to educate the class. How much more time do you believe would make that section of the session better?

  13. Was the Civil process brief beneficial to you?

  14. Did you enjoy networking and receiving the brief on the K9 function?

  15. SESSION 4

  16. Was the brief from the County Attorney beneficial to you?

  17. Was the brief from the District Judge beneficial to you?

  18. Do you think that the Attorney and Judge should be granted more time for their sections?

  19. Was the Traffic stop presentation beneficial to you?

  20. SESSION 5

  21. Was the BCA brief on Officer Involved Shootings beneficial to you?

  22. Did you enjoy the hands on exercise held at the SCALE facility in Jordan?

  23. SESSION 6

  24. The class had many questions in the SWAT section. Do you believe that presenter should be granted 60 minutes instead of only 30 minutes?

  25. Was the Recreational Safety presentation beneficial to you?

  26. Was the volunteer/Reserve Unit presentation beneficial to you?


  28. …and most importantly. Do you believe that Sgt Dvorak should get a raise and a promotion?

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