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Attorneys Office

  1. Discovery Request (Police Reports)
  1. Request a speaker

    Request a speaker from the County Attorney's Office.

County Admin

  1. COVID-19 Public Information Request Form - Website & Social Media

    This form is for the PIO team to manage incoming requests to update public-facing webpages and social media.


  1. GIS Custom Data/Map Request Form

    Scott County offers freely downloadable data through our Open Data website (best when... More…


  1. Ask a Law Librarian
  2. At Home Library Contest Submission Form

    Use this form to submit your entry for a variety of contests and challenges the library will host.

  3. Cozy Up 2022! Adult Winter Packet Request Form

  4. Exam Administration Guidelines & Scheduling Form

    Submit your request for a library staff person to proctor an exam.

  5. Online Library Card Registration

    Welcome! Please use this form to register online for a Scott County Library Card. Staff will process this information and then email... More…

  6. Readmobile Summer Sign-Up
  1. Ask a Librarian

    Submit your question to a librarian, law librarian, or simply make a comment.

  2. Blank Canvas Art Challenge for Teens - Submission Form

    Teens ages 12-18 from anywhere in Scott County and beyond are invited to submit their artwork for a chance to win a gift certificate... More…

  3. Educator Online Access Library Card Registration Form
  4. Extended Access Feedback Form

    Feedback form for Extended Access customers.

  5. Readmobile Interest Form

    Interested in partnering with the Readmobile? Tell us more about what you do and how we could work with you.

  6. Suggest a Title

Sheriff's Office

  1. 2017 Catfish Derby Registration
  2. 2022 Community Academy Interest Notification Sign-Up
  3. Application for Marine EVENT Permit 2020

    You are required by Minnesota Statute 86B.121 to have a Sheriff's permit prior to holding an event on any body of water. An event... More…

  4. Application for Marine TEMPORARY STRUCTURE Permit 2020

    Applications for Structure Permits must be received 10 days in advance of placing the structure. Permits are needed for the... More…

  5. Diversity/Inclusion Questionnaire
  6. Report a Concern or Crime Tip
  7. Request for Sheriff's Office Participation in Community Events
  8. SCSO Staff COVID Mask Request
  10. Todd Beck's Retirement
  1. 2020 Annual Sheriff's Office Holiday Luncheon TO-GO!
  2. 2022 Sheriff's Office Community Academy Application
  3. Application for Marine TEMPORARY STRUCTURE Permit

    Applications for Structure Permits must be received 10 days in advance of placing the structure. Permits are needed for the... More…

  4. COVID-19 Staff Counts
  6. Request Car Seat Check and/or Car Seat
  7. Scott County Sheriff's Office Community Feedback Form
  8. Sheriff's Office Data Request Form
  9. TCTT Supplemental Report